9 1/2 Inch Replacement Wheel

9 1/2 Inch Replacement Wheel (241.3mm)

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Individual 9 1/2 Inch Wheel Replacement

Wheel measures:

Axle Diameter: 5/8 In / 15.88mm

Outer Diameter: 9 1/2 In / 241mm

Thickness of Wheel: 2 In / 50.8mm


Generator Guru Says:

These are the last wheels you will ever have to buy! Made of the sturdiest material these solid wheels will make your generator easy to move, never have a flat and prevent destructive bubbling in the oil that air filled wheels produce which could prevent your oil circulating correctly and result in the engine seizing.

We are so confident..... we offer a 5 year guarantee on these wheels! 


*Compatible Part