Need Help?

Engineering Advice:

Our staff have volunteered many hours and published many guides to help you through troubleshooting and the most common repairs. You can find the answers in 2 ways:

You can search our Repair Guide articles on our Help Hub. (Especially good for Printing if no internet signal!)


We also have an Online Interactive Repair Guide which can guide you step-by-step through many troubleshooting and repair processes.

If the answer is not available, you will be given the opportunity to open a support ticket with our Engineering Team. 


If you wish to purchase Parts, this can be done through our website. See this guide for a video to show you how.

If the part you need, or the generator, is not listed please open a support ticket by Email or SMS.

If you need help identifying a Part or Generator, please open a support ticket by Email or SMS.

Customer Services:

If you have an issue with your order, please click here to find out how to report the issue to the correct department. Order issues must be reported on the Help Hub system.

Our Phone Numbers and Other departments:

Please click here to be taken to our Help Hub for your local contacts.