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Generator Guru is the world leader in Parts for Branded, Chinese and lesser known brands of Portable Electricity Generators with shipping depots in New York, London, Toronto and Sydney.  

Generator Guru is a family-run company which was started by our founder in 2007, a self-employed Generator Engineer, who was frustrated that many Chinese Generators were being scrapped as there were no replacement Parts available, or the few that were available, were of an inferior quality and quickly failed.

After years of building relationships and a worldwide shipping network, we now work with over 1000 Generator manufacturers offer 1 million+ Top Quality Parts for over 12000 models of Portable Generators with quick shipping from our worldwide network of warehouses.

We have an international team made up of Generator Engineers who have years of experience working hands-on with portable generators and small engines. Our Engineering experience allows us to provide you with solid knowledge and repair techniques, while communicating in simple step-by-step instructions what is required to fix the Generator. We provide this service free of charge throughout your repair.

This has helped us build trust, and in return, we have been awarded preferred supplier status for a large number of Generator Brands and Manufacturers. 





In 2008 our founder revolutionized Alternator Testing techniques by making the process simpler and allowing Engineers to test all portable generator alternators with the same simple process. As there is no need for manufacturer expected readings with this testing technique, this has given Engineers around the world the opportunity to easily test all portable generator alternators, even if they do not have their expected test values published. This has allowed us to help save a countless number generators from the scrap heap.

(Click here to see how with our repair videos)

As we want to save as many generators as possible, we released this testing knowledge for free, for everyone to use. It is now included in many College and University courses and is available for everyone to see on our website and YouTube.

In addition to this, we have provided a free guide on our website to help you fix the most common faults on Portable Generators. This guide can help you step-by-step through the repair. Need further help? Our team of Generator Engineers will be more than happy to help.

(Click here to see the repair guide)


If you need any parts for the repair, our Parts and Spares are kept in stock, ready for quick dispatch. This allows us to get you the parts fast, so you can fix it fast!


 What a few of our customers have said...

"Brilliant knowledge of generators, it has saved me hours in the workshop and a fortune in unnecessary generator parts too. Many thanks." J.S.


 "May I say that I was very pleased with your patience in successfully advising me on my generator problem, though it resulted in only a minor sale for you. I would certainly recommend your service to others". Graham


"Nice to know there's a human on the other end of the electronic trail." T.R.


 "Thank you for your understanding and excellent customer service. Your efforts makes all the difference in repetitive business. Your a truely customer focused organization." Brad S.


"Great product. I found my new generator parts supplier."The Big Digger


"I found the Generator AVR I wanted within a minute. Thank you.. P.s. Thanks for the advice." Stephen


"The service and advice you have given is first class and I am more than happy to recommend you to any who need your help." I.R. Stormforce KDE5000T generator parts


"I have been searching for this generator part for over 2 years. The supplier was of no help, but once i found your site it was quick and easy." C.M.


"After the advice you gave me, and parts at a reasonal price, you are now my perferred supplier. i am taking in generators for repair that in the past i wouldn't even look at." S.B.


"I knew nothing about generators, but with your advice, i repaired the generator myself. Thanks!" Sue


"So glad you haven't wasted your talent and what a great idea. Your service is first rate and the website is easy to use. Thank you so much!" Micheal S.


"I bought an AVR for my chinese generator from you. It arrived quickly and I fitted it as you said. Generator fixxed. Thx." Marcus T. - Lyon, France


"I am still amazed how you could tell me what was wrong with my Generator just by listening to it on the phone. Got the new generator part and it runs great." Jenny


"I can see why your called the Generator Guru. I had spoken to at least 10 other generator companies who all said to throw my generator into the garbage. With your help I fixed my GMC Generator with just one part which cost me 30.00. You saved me a fortune. Thanks" Sid


"Thanks a lot. Spot on answer, all fixed now." Rgds, Brian


"Many thanks for Generator spares received today, couldn't beleive you got them to me so quickly. Fantastic service! I will certainly use your company again and will also tell all my freinds about your service.The parts I received are exactly as required so I am thrilled to bits.Many many thanks for your service." -Vic T.


Installed generator part AND honda generator is charging now ! thanx alot for great service and a great deal! my friends will know the name GENERATOR GURU! Thanx Henry


Red China should give you a metal! You have the best and only product support you can find on their products. Phil

I have just ordered an exhaust for my Pro User 2300. I can honestly say that in this day and age it is an absolute pleasure to deal with a company who treat you as an individual and whose communication and delivery service are superb.I will definately use Generator Guru in the future. CTWValeting

I got my new
generator part (piston) I fitted it and it started first pull excellent thank you for your support. Thanks. Dennis

 Well, I have learned lots! Looks like we have a capacitor under what I thought was the AVR cover, which explains the 2 wires, and the videos also explains why we were only getting a few volts off the windings - cos we only supposed to! I have also learned the difference between AVR and capacitor gennys - which would probably explain why it killed our LCD TV!!! You live and learn - thanks for the teachings Guru! Matt


I received the two condensors less that 18 hours after I ordered them and I had two dead generators up and running before 24 hours were up. Excellent service. You even included the spade connectors to connect them up - what a refreshing change to deal with someone who takes pride in their customer service. Your videos are helpful even to a qualified engineer! I will definitely receomend you to friends and colleagues.Shaun K


Thank you for your prompt sending of my replacement generator parts, and quick answer to the installation of same. My generator is now up and running again many thanks from Del


Hi Just wanted to thank you for supplying the correct AVR for my generator. I was at my wits end, but with aid of your informative videos and great customer service, I got it up and running. In this case, the AVR fixed the problem. Scott 


I had overloaded my generator while using it after Hurricane Issac. I tried to get local businesses/repairmen to work on repairing it. No one would service my generator either because of the brand or the fact that it had a capacitor and not a voltage regulator. It was recommended that I purchase a new generator. I removed the capacitor myself and used the internet to try to find a replacement. I could not find one in the United States; however I did find one from the Generator Guru. I got on their chat line and got confirmation that the part identified on their web site would work in my generator. I ordered the part on-line and received it within one week. I installed the new par, started my generator, and it worked perfectly.Including shipping the part cost me around $53 US and a new generator would have cost me around $800.- G. Bultman

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say what a great gesture that was offering to help folks out with generator troubles in the midst of the big storm (Hurricane Sandy) on the U.S east coast. Fortunately I didn't need to use mine. It just shows that there are people out there who care about things other than money. You sold me a hard to find starter for my Robot generator a while back. Thanks for the humanity." Sincerely, John A,


"OK, I'm impressed. We live off-grid in the mountains of New Mexico and have been looking for a Chicago Electric AVR for over a month. Happened on your web site night before last and with help from Jane ordered an equivalent unit. Received it today during a snow storm and the generator is humming. Thanks again." DP


Can I just say - I bought a 22.00  component from you, after watching your Youtube video, that easily beat the guy from the company I bought the original generator  from that said it would need about 400.00 to repair it!!  I won't be bothering with them ever  again, but I WILL be keeping in touch with the generator Guru - and recommending him  - Have great New Year! - KR


What a great experience with generator guru. from our online chat with Joe, who made sure we had right part to the great communication and super fast shipping to Canada. Kudos guru, you are a great business.


Thank you for a first class service. I was able to sort out the problem with my generator by watching your video and the replacement capacitor was received less than 24hours after I placed my order. Generator now up and running at last! Dave Cox


I want to thank you for running an outstanding business. You are my only source for generator parts. You offer a product at a reasonable fee and your customer service is exceptional. I live in a remote area and frequently need to purchase items online. I am amazed that the parts that I ordered on Sunday were at my door by Tuesday morning. There are several places, much closer to my home, that take much longer to deliver. You have earned at least one more loyal customer and I will be sure that other people in my area know about your excellent service. A. Knapman



Thank you so much! I've never before dealt with a business that is so helpful.​ Honestly, if I were younger, I think I would go back to school and take training in generators just so I could deal with such a wonderful company. Thank you again, Charline


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