Only fit the correct carb or....

Only fit the correct carb or....

15th May 2022

We often get a call from people who have fitted a Carb that looks similar to what was on their Generator. DO NOT DO THIS! Always buy the correct Carb for your equipment. Many look similar but the Jets and set-up are completely different! Using the wrong Carb can result in:

1. Fuel flow being too little, resulting in the engine not run correctly or restricting speed of the engine. Particles can get stuck in the Jets further restricting the flow of Fuel.

2. Fuel flow being too much, which burns more fuel, cokes up valves, cokes up spark plugs, and creates more pollution. It might also allow larger particles into your engine which can resulting in top end failure of Pistons & Rings, as well as damage withing the cylinder.

Carbs are designed with your engine in mind. They are calibrated to deliver the correct fuel for the best performance. So always buy the Carb designed for your engine.

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